Camp Rainbow

We built Camp Rainbow to help children have a rich, rewarding summer. But when camp is not in session, it’s available for your function.

If you need a place for a company retreat, family reunion or you have a summer camp of your own, you can lease Camp Rainbow.

It features:

  • The Daly Cabin – Fully winterized, with restrooms and even a pool table. Great for meetings and retreats.
  • Kitchen – Two ranges, freezer and industrial refrigerator. Usable year-round.
  • Shenberger Pavilion - Attached to the kitchen. It is not enclosed. Picnic tables are used for seating.
  • Pool and Bathouse – With two full locker rooms, showers and all the amenities.
  • And more – Nature trail, athletic pit, playground and 11 acres of rustic beauty.


For details, call
Pattie Kepner, Director of Family Support Services, Quality Assurance/Corporate Compliance
(585) 589-5516 ext. 267