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Transition: An Overview

Elements of effective transition

  • Student involvement in the planning process
  • Transition planning addresses services and supports
  • Family members, school personnel, and the student have meaningful interactions
  • An individual plan and sequential process is followed
  • A Person-Centered approach

Why is Transition Important?

Entitlement Vs Eligibility

The transition from high school is perhaps one of the most significant transitions in the life of a student with a disability. It is the first time that a student will be leaving a system (school) where s/he was entitled to receive a range of services and supports. Once a student leaves high school they will no longer have these entitlements. Rather, they need to apply for services. Social Security and OPWDD have eligibility requirements that have to be met.

Who Are the Key People in the Transition Process? 

  • The Student
  • Parents
  • School staff
  • Office for People with Developmental Disabilities
  • Access – VR
  • Adult service providers

When to Start Transition Planning?

School districts in NYS are required to provide transition services for all students with disabilities aged 15 to 21. Transition Services are put on the Individualized Education Plan. Starting at age 15, an assessment of interests, strengths, and needs can be carried out -- this is called a Level 1 assessment in NYS.

Pathways to Graduation

  • Skills & Achievement Credential
  • CTE Credential
  • Local & Regents Diploma

For more information, please contact:

Deirdre Staley, Transition Specialist
(585)589-1750 ext. 2235

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